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by gookah
Thu 07 Aug, 2008 13:20
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Number plates
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I have a personalised plate too with my name on it-(alledgedy), cost me £250 cos I happen to have a Polish-origin surname which matches the cheaper series of strange letters :lol: However I cant for the life of me understand why people pay £400 for a number plate with the car make or model on it. I ...
by gookah
Thu 07 Aug, 2008 12:54
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: few questions about my zed
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My lights were dimming at certain times too, after much head scratching I noticed it only occurred when the aircon was on and the compressor kicks in, so I think that its normal cos the compressor eats current. Turned aircon off and no dimming lights. just use it when its a hot day.... some chance h...
by gookah
Thu 07 Aug, 2008 11:58
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Airbag Light on
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Airbag Light on

Hi everyone, new to this so bear with me please, I had some rainfall enter my car last week, Roof up but windows down a little, heavy thunderstorms (wasnt expecting it in England so bought a convertible and it seems like its rained ever since!) Well since then my Airbag light has been on, The connec...