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by pingu
Mon 25 Oct, 2004 21:00
Forum: Let's talk
Topic: 5th Gear
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Bikes faster than cars. Is it time to swap Z3 for R1?
by pingu
Wed 13 Oct, 2004 22:17
Forum: Let's talk
Topic: BMW Apprentice Technician Assessment? Help/advice
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Adam's Tale

Just spent the last hour reading the best thread I have ever read on any forum anywhere. I was so hooked I even turned the telly off! Tales of ambition. Tales of sacrifice. The edge of your seat excitement of "will he, won't he"... How much for the screenplay? Seriously, I was genuinely enthralled. ...
by pingu
Tue 12 Oct, 2004 22:15
Forum: Let's talk
Topic: The World of BMW Service (recommended dealers)
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Bridgegate of Derby v Sytner of Nottingham

Spares : Bridgegate more expensive than Sytners. Bridgegate advised that I didn't modify my boot lock as there was a potential rust problem. Who knows of a garage that will persuade you NOT to buy something!! Have used both for parts, no problems. Servicing : Sytners more expensive than Bridgegate....
by pingu
Sat 09 Oct, 2004 22:33
Forum: Let's talk
Topic: Broadband in France
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I know it's not proper broadband, but I've just parted with £25 for one Year (yes YEAR) for a thing called "onspeed". Available from It compresses data before squirting it down the cable. My internet connection is now visibly faster. At the moment they claim it is running at 5.27 tim...
by pingu
Sat 09 Oct, 2004 19:03
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Fuel Consumption
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Neal(2.8Roadster) wrote: you converted to diesel or chip fat or something ? :lol:
Just been out for a "cruise" with Spokey and found out the reason why I get 370miles to the tankful - I DRIVE LIKE A PUSSY !!!

Drive to work = 31mpg
Drive with Spokey = 23mpg

nuff said !!
by pingu
Sat 09 Oct, 2004 18:53
Forum: M Roadster and M coupé
Topic: got my first m/// and first problem!
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You want to look here. DJBlack found it in July (viewtopic.php?t=2674).

I have the ETK on CD, but this is the technical manual on line.

If you've still got problems, send me a PM.
by pingu
Thu 07 Oct, 2004 20:49
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: How Many miles do people do in there Z1..Z3..Z4 and //M's
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I do about 15000 miles per year in my Peugeot. The Z3 is only insured for 6000. Because I go for pints of milk in the Z (round trip of 40 miles) I'm struggling to keep the miles down. I've got a top tip for keeping the miles down, though. I work in Andover - normal distance = 155 miles. I've managed...
by pingu
Thu 07 Oct, 2004 00:38
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Slip differential on M Roadster
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Inspection 2

An Inspection 2 will cost you 38 FRUs + Parts. An FRU is a standard BMW time unit that equates to about 5 minutes. The hourly rate per FRU should be available from your local, friendly BMW dealership. Sytners of Nottingham quoted me around £7.50 + VAT and Bridgegate of Derby were closer to £5.50 + V...
by pingu
Wed 06 Oct, 2004 23:46
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Fuel Consumption
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I work away from home during the week and do 340 miles between a Monday morning and Friday afternoon. I'm running on fumes when I get home, but they are Monday's fumes! I don't trust the computer enough to go down to single figure range, but I have a friend who does that in his 535. I will refill wh...
by pingu
Wed 06 Oct, 2004 23:07
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Parts order from dealers not required - where do I stand?
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Do you owe for parts not needed?

It depends how you ordered them? Sounds daft, let me try to explain. If you said: "I've got a rattle under the seat, what do you suggest?" and he says you want a new seat motor. You then find out that it was an old bottle of WD40 rattling around. He's to blame and you are in the clear. Proving what ...
by pingu
Tue 05 Oct, 2004 15:37
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Let's find out the preference for top down motoring then
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Check this out for ideas. (not to buy, but to plagarise)

Instead of webbing strap, I'd be tempted to try Velcro.
by pingu
Fri 01 Oct, 2004 20:18
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Practical Fuel Economy
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Practical Fuel Economy

I also have a problem with the fuel economy in my Z3 2.8, it also takes longer to get from A to B than in my Peugeot 406.

Yesterday, I went for a pint of milk from Asda (Peugeot = 20mins). In the Z3, it took me 4 hours and 25 litres of fuel :shock:

Z3s are for fun, and you have to pay to play.