BMW Business radio/cassette

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BMW Business radio/cassette

Post by z3lowey » Sun 05 Jul, 2015 18:56

I am very disappointed with the sound system in my 2002 Z3 - at only average volume all 4 speakers sound like they have blown!

I have just bought a brand new (Alpine) head unit, my question is: will the existing speakers sound better with a decent head unit to drive them, or should I go the whole hog and replace 4x speakers?

Appreciate any thoughts/comments.

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Re: BMW Business radio/cassette

Post by stevov » Thu 09 Jul, 2015 07:19

6 speakers. 2 behind seats 2 tweeters in Upper door and 2 in footwear. The speaker in the left footwell has a small amp attached to boost sound as the head unit is a low power unit. Often the amp has stopped working resulting in the footwell speakers not working. There is info on bypassing this in knowledge base. The new alpine unit will be 40-50 watts per channel so much higher than stock and enough for the stock speakers. Bypass the speaker amp and make sure you have the correct harness adapter for the head unit and see how it sounds. I did this to mine and and am ok with the results. A lot of good info in the knowledge Base.

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Re: BMW Business radio/cassette

Post by BladeRunner919 » Thu 09 Jul, 2015 10:03

I replaced the head unit in mine and although the sound was better, it quickly became apparent that he original speakers are just not up the job. Junk the lot and put some new ones in.

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