Custom Z3 Focal Subwoofers

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Post by JAV11S » Mon 04 Apr, 2011 11:48


From what I can gather what you have made replaces the central box for those will roll bars fitted. I have the 2.8 non-roll bar with the larger central storage box fitted, so you have any plans to make a larger box to fit that space?


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Post by tcrichton » Tue 21 Jun, 2011 10:18

Hi dooby,

Bought this sub from ebay: ... 500wt_1413

I got it with a view to having one of your boxes made up for it... however after re-reading your posts it looks like the 6" focal you supply is probably a better match.

I've seen my brother's (shanty) and am extremely impressed by its performance. I want to try and keep it as stealth as possible which is why I thought the 5" may be able to be recessed further with a grill or cloth covering it but I'm probably wrong.

I've also got the Utopia 6W2 component set to go in too (once I figure out how to get the 6.5" in that 5.25" hole - any advice/pics welcome).

Thanks for any input you have! I hope you're still making these great boxes!

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Re: Custom Z3 Focal Subwoofers

Post by Jjim » Thu 20 Jul, 2017 10:22

Dragging up an old thread, but I'm after one of these custom sub enclosures. Do you still make these or point me in a direction of someone who does?


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Re: Custom Z3 Focal Subwoofers

Post by Gazza » Thu 20 Jul, 2017 17:28

Dooby hasn't been here since February 2016.

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Re: Custom Z3 Focal Subwoofers

Post by dooby » Fri 21 Jul, 2017 15:52

HI Lads, Hope your all well? I Sold my car a few years ago, do miss it.
Sorry no more boxes though, not sure if i even have the templates still.

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Re: Custom Z3 Focal Subwoofers

Post by sebring » Mon 07 Aug, 2017 09:26

That's a shame - I was in the market for 2!

Any pics of them installed?


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