Wanted. Numerous parts.

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Wanted. Numerous parts.

Post by KattyP » Wed 25 Jan, 2017 14:36

Hello. Currently sorting my 97 2.8 zed and need a few bits.

I need the following....

Bonnet rust and dent free
Panels under the side grills
Side skirts
Black carpet

Everything must be rust free.

I do have a beige interior in great condition leavibg the car soon so if anyone needs anything :)

Im located in the north east but willing to travel for good bits!

Any goodies are also welcome.

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  Z3 roadster 2.8
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Re: Wanted. Numerous parts.

Post by g8jka » Wed 25 Jan, 2017 17:50

Plenty of second hand bonnets are about but a decent one with no dents probably won't be cheap, especially if your after one in a certain colour. What colour is your car? Side skirts are still available new from BMW, which is probably your better option than second hand as you will struggle to find a decent set especially a pair that are rust free as most are corroded as it's a common problem on them. This is similar to the front wings although you might find a good pair if you are in no rush. I'm pretty sure you can get pattern parts from eurocarparts which are not too expensive which again is a good option and then getting the lot painted.

You have no hope finding a rust free carpet though, they are all far too corroded with the age of these cars nowadays :lol:
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Re: Wanted. Numerous parts.

Post by bertiejaffa » Wed 25 Jan, 2017 17:55

drop a private message to spursfaninacoupe (Andy) - he breaks Z3s and probably has some of the parts you are looking for. He is in Woking, but you could use paisley freight who seem reasonable for bulk shipping.
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Re: Wanted. Numerous parts.

Post by spurs fan in a coupe » Wed 25 Jan, 2017 21:31

PM sent, thanks as always Bertie
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Re: Wanted. Numerous parts.

Post by Julie Z3 » Fri 27 Jan, 2017 16:57

Just purchased a pair of the small front panels from an online panel specialist for under £100 delivered,they seem very good quality and BMW wanted £150 a side.

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