M52 engine bits 2.0 2.8 single Vanos.

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M52 engine bits 2.0 2.8 single Vanos.

Post by Andyboy » Sat 28 Oct, 2017 11:45

All from a 91'000 mile 1997 car.

M50 M52 2.5 2.8 head with cams etc - it's been skimmed and tested already. £150
M52 engine mount arms £25
M50 M52 sump £40
Quiet Vanos unit £35
Siemens ECU kit with EWS box and key chip £60
Nissens E36 deep automatic type radiator £30
PAS pump £30
MAF £25
Pair of M52 steel exhaust manifolds £30
Perfect 5HP18 autobox with converter and ECU £165
M52 engine loom complete £35
Starter £20
Alternator £20

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