Winter tyres

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Winter tyres

Post by stussy » Sat 26 Jan, 2013 20:07


I am looking to buy a set of winter tyres got my 2.2 sport, I've taken the 17" sport rims off and fitted a set of 205 60-15 tyres and rims from a 1.8. I've been looking at conti winter contacts but can only find them in a T rated tyre. Had anyone on here fitted winter tyres to their Zeds ? If what so brand and speed rating ?

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Re: Winter tyres

Post by Phil » Sat 26 Jan, 2013 20:21

Winter tyres have lower speed ratings. So T rated tyres are commonplace. I'm using Michelin Alpins on our Alpina. Cant believe the difference they are making in the cold weather.
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Re: Winter tyres

Post by TitanTim » Sat 26 Jan, 2013 20:30

I thought alot about fitting full winters to the Zed but took a risk on all seasons so went for Vredestein Quatrac 3s 225/40 18s all round after reading good things about them. I wasn't quite sure what to expect in all the snow we've been having. Anyways they've been superb in the 10 to 15cms of snow we've had. Haven't experienced any wheel spin or sliding around even on frozen snow and ice. I'm guessing with full winters braking will be less compromised and grip will be better in extreme conditions but I'm finding the all seasons more than adequate. Added bonus for me anyways it saves swapping tyres/wheels come the spring :)

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Re: Winter tyres

Post by lowriderz3 » Mon 28 Jan, 2013 09:13

I bought some second hand 16 inch 3 series wheels and bought 4 part worn Vredestein snow tyres and they are H rated.They make the car more secure on the road in this freezing weather.

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Re: Winter tyres

Post by Devon Z » Mon 28 Jan, 2013 20:24

It'll be time for water wings soon :shock:
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Re: Winter tyres

Post by gookah » Mon 28 Jan, 2013 21:45

I have summer tyres on mine.....they have very good grip in the wet.... :head:

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