Suspension Upgrade Question

Tyres, exhausts, suspension, strut braces, air filters, brake pads/rotors and anything else for 'dawn raiders'.

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Suspension Upgrade Question

Post by Chazzy » Thu 17 Jul, 2014 14:23

I'm about to embark on a rather large project to completely replace all the suspension, bushes, etc in one hit on a recently acquired Z3M. I'm looking to sharpen the car up and get it ready for road and trackday use.

After looking at what's available, there's options for a full sport kit from Koni which looks reasonably priced but there are so many options from different manufacturers - there's kits from Bilstein, KW, H&R, Apex, and from CA who do a ground control kit. I'm sure there are plenty of others.

has anyone had much experience with any of these, if they are direct replacement, or if it's worth spending the money over the cheaper options?

Many thanks

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Re: Suspension Upgrade Question

Post by Bi11 » Thu 17 Jul, 2014 23:19

H & R Coilovers on mine and I am quite happy with it. Can't take any of the credit for it, since it was all sorted out by the previous owner. If you look up page 3 of ' Shantybeater's s54' you will see what he did.

Am sure that there will be several different ways to skin the cat though!

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