Skid pan, Staffordshire, Nov 11 (Sat), £30

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Skid pan, Staffordshire, Nov 11 (Sat), £30

Post by Zmeagol » Mon 09 Aug, 2004 08:05

If you are interested in having a go on a skid pan, call Jeff Haywood on 0161 678 2088.


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Post by martlet » Mon 09 Aug, 2004 15:12

I just called, and all the slots are taken [especially those on Nov 13!!! (Sat)]
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Skid Pans

Post by ZZZEMMCO » Tue 17 Aug, 2004 10:12

:) BMW CC now have regional Locations , so will encourage Regions to organise a day-----little interest in some area.s !!!

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Skid Pan Training

Post by Jeff » Wed 29 Sep, 2004 17:39

We have organised 2 skid pan training days for the first quarter of 2005, one for ladies only in February, and the second is an open one in March - see the next club magazine for dates and details.
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Post by M Blur » Wed 27 Oct, 2004 13:22

I also hope to organise one for '05 for those North of the border..

BR Jeff,

Jon B

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