Noooooooo !!

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Noooooooo !!

Post by Gazza » Sat 05 Sep, 2015 11:03 ... 58cb86b782

I love the Z3 and I love the Cobra but both together isn't good

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Re: Noooooooo !!

Post by Del » Sat 05 Sep, 2015 11:20

If they offer a good Porsche Speedster replica - I'm interested :D

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Re: Noooooooo !!

Post by peter2b » Sat 05 Sep, 2015 20:40

I had a look at that last year that's why I bought my z3 thinking it would be a done but I'm glad I kept her as is so I'm with gazza z3 yes cobra yes but not together

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Re: Noooooooo !!

Post by bertiejaffa » Wed 04 Nov, 2015 14:03

I have to admit I do quite like it (especially in Blue with the Ford TT stripes) and I am tempted by this... especially as I have bought myself another little toy and the missus has put her foot down and told me the 2.0l must now be sold...

However, if I changed it to this then she might not notice.. :D :D
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Re: Noooooooo !!

Post by HomerRamone » Thu 05 Nov, 2015 18:51

This is the reason I got my Z3. And its still my plan.
The ferrari one they have on the site likes kinda cool too but I really like cobras... and I do like these kits. Ive been trying to find somewhere that has a sort of build diary/step by step deely so I know exactly whats involved (And a complete list of the other parts you need would be nice too - or at least a reasonably complete one )

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