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Iain Green - Rotorz

Post by Alfie » Wed 09 Mar, 2016 21:56

Sorry to have to tell you that Iain Green (Rotorz) passed away suddenly whilst at work yesterday, Tuesday 8th March. At the moment, I'm not sure of the cause.

Iain was the very proud owner of an Interlagos Z4M which he kept until late 2009. He wasn't a prolific poster on here but was frequently seen on the days out and weekends away, and occasionally trips abroad with Zroadster.net and (the now defunct) Z4forum between about 2005 and 2009.
Iain and his wife Belinda became good friends of ours on the ZR.net Champagne Tour in June 2008 and we spent a few fun weekends staying with them in Dorset before we (coincidentally) moved to about 10 miles from them in 2011, and we've stayed in regular social contact since then.

After his Z4M, he took on the renovation of a TR6, and when that had gone as far as it could, he treated himself to a classic TVR V8S (I think) which he spent many months renovating and rebuilding, resulting in a superb example with a roar to make you smile!

For many years Iain worked as an engineer and sales executive for Westland Helecopters in Yeovil. He spent much of his time travelling the globe to give technical and engineering advice to Westland clients, predominantly in Asia.

Our deepest sympathies go to our dear friend Belinda and their family.

Alfie and Di.


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Re: Iain Green - Rotorz

Post by Gazza » Wed 09 Mar, 2016 22:19

Very sad news.

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Re: Iain Green - Rotorz

Post by kjb1 » Tue 15 Mar, 2016 19:34

sad news, sounds like he was a great guy!

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