BMW Z3 Wind Deflectors in detail

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BMW Z3 Wind Deflectors in detail

Post by 007 » Thu 23 Mar, 2017 16:40

Hi guys long time no post
Some of you might know and others might not but i have been doing stuff for the Z3 since about 2009 i even started my own business from my 2.8 Z.
I wanted to try to hep you guys by explaining the differences between the various Wind Deflectors that are available, it can be very difficult to understand whats what. I have been doing this for a while now so i think i have some valid input on the subject and as the weather is starting to get better it wont be long till we are all out there racing about with our tops off and the car as well.
I have written a Blog as its quite a lengthy subject....hope you find it of interest. ... for-bmw-z3

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