K&N Saved my Zed

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K&N Saved my Zed

Post by AdyDurn » Thu 31 Aug, 2017 13:45

A few years back I swapped out the standard cold air intake with a K&N conical filter. The K&N came with a feed tube designed to allow air being collected in front of the radiator to feed up to the new filter, now sitting at the top of the engine.

Last week in the South of England we had quite the downpour of rain, and a number of the roads I regularly drive were flooded.

It's just gone midnight and I'm leaving the GFs house, get into the car as quick as possible as it's absolutely tipping it down. The road I'm heading down has a few puddles, nothing major but enough to aquaplane every now and then. Then it hits me, invisible in the dark I hit a very deep puddle, I would rather call it a flood as the bow wave of me hitting the water cleared the roof of the car and it was a good second or so before I could see the road again (thankfully I know the road quite well and could drive it blindfolded) and in that instance I thought that was it, there's no way the car would survive that.

Now going back to the conical filter, I couldn't find anywhere on the bumper I wanted to fit this feed pipe, everywhere I tried putting it, it looked nasty, so it's still in the box. Choosing to replace the filter with a conical K&N and then not having the feed pipe almost definitely saved the car (and thus me a painful repair bill) that night.

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Re: K&N Saved my Zed

Post by sebring » Tue 12 Sep, 2017 09:53

So you don't have a cold air feed?

you must be getting a lot of heat soak from your k&n

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