New wheels for the Z3

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New wheels for the Z3

Post by Migou » Sat 09 Jan, 2016 01:37

Here is a pic with the new wheels. The wheels are 18x8.5 Apex Arc 8. Compared to the stock wheels, 16", there is a couple pounds difference. The ride is a bit stiffer but it's a sports car, not a luxury car.


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Re: New wheels for the Z3

Post by bentley-boy » Sat 09 Jan, 2016 08:32

Are they the same wheels as Robz3sport? Look really nice but many people say the larger the rim the greater the 'tram lining' problem. Great photo angle by the way :-)


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Re: New wheels for the Z3

Post by Lewy » Sat 09 Jan, 2016 08:35

It's all about tyre choice re the tramlining. I ran 18" 8.5s all round and had terrible tramlining problems, then switched from 235 to 225 on the front and hey presto, no more tramlining. Managed a fairly meaty 255 on the rear too and got some great traction.

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