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Re: g8jka - New 2.8 Roadster Progress Journal

Postby g8jka » Thu 16 Feb, 2017 22:02

Had a spare day on Sunday which gave me (well Gookah!) a chance to get my new manifold fitted. This came from a 3.0 X5, the same as those fitted to the E46 330 which are the ones needed to fit the 2.8 facelifts. All that is needed is the manifold, DISA valve (which is bigger) and a throttle body adaptor plate. My manifold came with a DISA which I picked up for a bargain at £55 and then a throttle body adaptor plate from Bimmertune at around £22. Most people who do this upgrade get the manifold from a 330 which were anywhere from £60 upwards, plus a new DISA at £80 upwards then the adaptor plate. Any M54 3.0 manifold should fit and give the same results. Whilst doing the swap I got a couple of new inlet hoses as the old ones had small splits and changed the accelerator cable as the old one was very stiff.

Halfway point


Everything went as planned and was pretty straight forward, just time consuming and took a couple of attempts getting everything back in place where it came from. I was unsure on what sort of gains this would achieve as people say the difference is massive but I didn't really think I would see that much of a difference. After driving it for a couple of days now, all I can say is WOW! It's like a different car, the power it now gives out in phenomenal and it really has made a massive improvement. It absolutely flies from the off now and pulls hard all the way through upto the limiter. In fact I've hit the limiter quite a few times as it doesn't seem to want to give up. We had it hooked upto INPA and no codes are showing up whereas before I occasionally got a couple of fuel trim codes. It idles perfectly and drives brilliantly. For just over £75 I am very, very impressed with the change its made to the performance :D

Next job is to upgrade the brakes and change the clutch hose.
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