Fuchs to Tolmezzo

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Fuchs to Tolmezzo

Post by spokey » Fri 17 Sep, 2010 18:19

Map here.

Start: Fusch in Austria, follow Grossglocknerstrasse Pass to Iselsburg, then Oberdrauburg to Tolmezzo, Italy.

Submitted by: terryp69

How I found it: Road Trip in Europe

Useful tips: Grossglockner pass costs 28 Euros. It is really a national park and expensive just to get from one place to another but stunning scenery and great driving make it worthwhile.

Where it is: Over the Tirol mountains from Austria to Italy

Estimated distance: Approx 45 miles [It says 148km or 92 miles on the Google map]
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Post by terryp69 » Mon 20 Sep, 2010 13:35

Apologies, 90 miles is nearer the mark, I was reading the scale on the map wrong :oops:

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