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BMW Straight 6

Post by huntert » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 10:12

I was just wondering..will any bmw straight 6 slot into Z3? for example would a M3 engine go straight into a 2.8? And what was the largest cc straight 6 that BMW made?

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Re: BMW Straight 6

Post by Phil » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 10:30

Later M5s have V8 engines. You have to go back to the E34 for 6 cylinder engines

Some info here
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Re: BMW Straight 6

Post by Dave L2 » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 10:36

I'm not sure about engines from an M3 or M5 but a M54 BMW Straight Six goes in like this...


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Re: BMW Straight 6

Post by OldskoolRS » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 13:06

Someone did make a one off V12 as shown in this link: :shock:

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Re: BMW Straight 6

Post by BladeRunner919 » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 14:58

Isn't the 3.2 6-cyl that was in the ///M cars (including the Zed) the biggest anyway?

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Re: BMW Straight 6

Post by Southernboy » Sun 23 Dec, 2012 17:16

The M3 straight six from the same year as your Z3 will fit straight in... I've seen a couple of Z3's fitted with M3 motors from 1998 and 2003 and the mountings don't appear to have been modified.
But, in reality, you can make any motor fit...but modifications to the engine, gearbox, and propshaft are likely. Also, the correct ecu etc will be required as well as the complete engine / electronics harnesses. If things like the accelerator is an electronic vs cable control, you will need to change that not as simple as it seems. Ideally you need to buy a complete M3 and transplant the entire M3 into the Z body...and then transplant the z3 stuff into the m3 body and flog it for a few bob to counter the expenses. An intact M3 would be best.
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