Electric folding roof question

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Electric folding roof question

Post by markhinton » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 09:18

When you unclasp the roof, how much do you have to push it back with your hand before the electric motor will take over? Reason I ask is because I feel I have to give it too much guidance, possibly because it gets caught on the roll hoops but I'm not sure. From videos I've seen it looks like about half a foot of 'guidance' allows the electric motor to take over.

Silly question but it's good to know!

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Re: Electric folding roof question

Post by lebigmec » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 09:29

The electric roof only kicks in once you've unclipped the handles, keep your foot on the brake, then push the roof up to the first fold in the linkage, once that happens the micro switch is fired & the motor takes over.

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Re: Electric folding roof question

Post by Bi11 » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 13:28

I suppose I push mine back about 6 to 9 inches

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Re: Electric folding roof question

Post by lightning » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 14:35

I have to push mine back all the way, as the electric mechanism is broken :-)

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Re: Electric folding roof question

Post by Southernboy » Sat 14 Jun, 2014 17:26

The ammount of "lift" required is controlled by the microswitch fitted into the passenger side at top in the folding bow. You could have a close look at it and consider a very minor adjustment so that it switches sooner. However, the necessity of raising the first fold manually is required to set the rest of the roof moving and folding correctly.
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Re: Electric folding roof question

Post by Robert T » Sun 15 Jun, 2014 22:47

The electric motor doesn't "take over". You unclip the roof and raise the front portion to between 30 and 45 degrees. The tension in the roof should mean that it will stay in that position on its own. You can then press the brake pedal and the roof switch to lower the roof - it shouldn't need any assistance. I have found that as my zed has got older, whilst the roof will stay in this position to open it, when closing it, it gets to the stop position and the the roof just falls down on its own, so I have to catch it - it used to happily sit at the same 30-45 degree angle waiting for me to close it.

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