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Post by l3ggy » Wed 30 Dec, 2015 11:05

Ok so after the rain over the last few hours it looks like my roof in the main is pretty water tight. I do have some rain drops on the drivers seat which appear to be getting in between the drivers top edge of the window and the roof seal. Any known fixes for this, other than roof replacement? Seal replacement?

Thinking roof replacement........


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Re: Water....

Post by ('_')Z3 » Wed 30 Dec, 2015 11:30

Type in gummi pflege in to the search at the top and you'll find a series of problems similar to yours :( this stuff softens the hardened rubber making it more supple and better able to withstand the water by giving it a better seal.

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Re: Water....

Post by peter2b » Wed 30 Dec, 2015 11:30

Hard top or soft roof?

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Re: Water....

Post by Del » Wed 30 Dec, 2015 12:05

In my view, most likely to be the "plugs" at the top of the window pillars - the rain has a tendency to dribble along the top and "appear" to be coming in the side.

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Re: Water....

Post by srichards » Thu 31 Dec, 2015 10:23

Worth looking in the boot under the battery as well. I thought mine was ok until I found I had a swimming pool in there. Rest of the boot was dry so I had no idea. I gave the roof a good soaking with hood treatment. Next stop is the seal around the rear light.

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Re: Water.... leak over window

Post by BonBon » Fri 01 Jan, 2016 10:52

If it's just a few drops the best solution is to take some Hydrophobic spray - usually used for waterproofing fabric (eg clothing, tents or roofs). Spray into the can cover and with your finger spread some on the top of your window and on the rubber seal of the roof. (The small gap is now hydrophilic and sucks in the water droplets).

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Re: Water....

Post by stahlgrau_hants » Tue 05 Jan, 2016 20:20

I had terrible water ingress problems, with puddles of water sitting on the leather seats after nights sat outside in the rain. Evidently the leather seats are good given the amount of water they held!

The problem, as already mentioned, is rubber bungs at the top corners of the windscreen. Rain water entered drainage channels along the top of the windscreen, but rather than running down inside the seals down the sides of the windscreen the water leaked through the bungs and into the cabin. The fix? I took out the rubber bungs, gave them and the holes a good clean and dry, applied black (gun-applied) gasket and reinserted the bungs, effectively sealing the bungs to the rubber seals, and smoothed gasket over the top of the bungs for extra measure. Problem solved perfectly.

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