Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

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Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by Craig-L » Thu 14 Jan, 2016 18:02

Hello Guys

I have just bought a '99 2.8 roadster and I want to lower it with Eibach springs rather than cheap coilovers, they quote their springs to give a 30mm drop but I want slightly more, my question is has anyone put the 1.9 springs on a 2.8 car ?? and if so how much drop did you get with them ??

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Re: Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by Southernboy » Fri 15 Jan, 2016 05:27

The idea begs the question as to the strength of the springs to handle the weight of the 2.8 motor.... I think you may be looking for trouble going that route.???
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Re: Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by Del » Fri 15 Jan, 2016 09:32

No need to take risks and/or speculate - Eibach do two levels of lowering spring. As Southernboy states, springs designed to lower a 1.9 by 30mm all around, may cause your 2.8 car (heavier front end) to sit too low at the front with its rear stuck up higher. This might cause an already slightly skittish Z3 rear end to become dangerous. :(

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Re: Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by Mugs » Fri 15 Jan, 2016 21:03

i did it the other way around and fitted Apex 3.0ltr springs to a 1.9.
they took it really low and they were stiff as you would expect as they were designed for a heavier car.
i would expect the 1.9 springs to rated differently and not really suitable for a 2.8.
i am currently back on m-tech springs and i have the Apex springs for sale if you're interested?

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Re: Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by c_w » Thu 21 Jan, 2016 21:25

There's probably not a lot in it.

Actually a 1.9 spring set might work, since the rear springs in these kits usually lower the car too much, so if yo uget the front to lower more than anticipated on a 2.8 the rear may look alright!

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Re: Eibach springs - 2.8 vs 1.9

Post by BladeRunner919 » Sat 23 Jan, 2016 15:44

But there's more to it than how low the car sits at rest - if the spring rate is too low (which it will be) the car will bottom out it's suspension on the road.

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