Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

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Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by SMASONZ3 » Thu 04 May, 2017 10:26

Hi have noticed the side skirts outer sills on my Z3 are corroded paint bubbling I am looking to replace them rather than repair any tips ie can they be purchased new anyone have any in good condition what about th GRP alternatives

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Re: Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by BladeRunner919 » Thu 04 May, 2017 10:32

Yes, they can be purchased from a BMW dealer, which is the best bet. Second-hand ones are likely to also be corroded.

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Re: Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by Del » Thu 04 May, 2017 13:07

Replaced mine with new from BMW, the old ones will be worse on the inside. You'll struggle getting decent second hand ones for a pre-facelift car. They are specific to pre/post facelift and pre-facelift wide and narrow body.

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Re: Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by Juvvajuvva » Thu 04 May, 2017 19:16

I have post facelift side skirts on pre facelift wide body!
Oh,and the rear quarters are pre facelift.
And they are used and mint.
Try NuBody,ask for Richard.He may have some nice ones.
They are always removing very nice panels from good cars that no longer need them as they are having body kits fitted.
People usually buy a very nice low mileage example to do the conversion.
He also sells on eBay.Located in Reading.

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Re: Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by SHRS2000 » Thu 04 May, 2017 19:18

Did mine recently. £110.00 each (20001 model) + VAT plus a few quid for new bolts & clips. Paint as well, obviously.

Worth doing & the only way to fix the problem properly.

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Re: Z3 1997 corroded side skirts

Post by mrscalex » Fri 05 May, 2017 22:02

I'll have a pair of pre-facelift widebody sill covers in Montreal Blue soon if my next breaking project comes off. I wouldn't normally suggest secondhand for the reasons mentioned in this thread but when I inspected the car they were completely rust free, from the outside at least - obviously I haven't see the inside.

PM me if interested.
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Always happy to try and help with spares :)

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