Loss of power

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Loss of power

Post by stupot50 » Wed 11 Oct, 2017 11:42

My 2.8 seems under powered at low revs when cold, struggles to pick up speed in high gears. When the engine is hot it turns over 6 times when trying to restart it and then is very underpowered in all gears. Any ideas gents?
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Re: Loss of power

Post by colb » Wed 11 Oct, 2017 14:56

Put a code reader on it to see if it has set any codes that may guide you to what is wrong. Codes set may actually be caused by something else in the system so be aware that something in the system may be not working correctly and upsetting something else hence the codes you may see. A bad Maf is a possible cause it dosn't always set a code pointing itself out but causes codes such as exhaust sensors to be set as the ecu isn't getting the right info from the Maf. A Bad Maf may not set an engine management light and you could end up replacing sensors that are still ok. If you disconnect the Maf connection see how the car responds as it will revert to a default setting. If it runs and starts ok with Maf disconnected you will probably found the cause. Do not but cheap pattern Maf's go for either Bosh or Seimens OEM. The cheap ones are of doubtful quality and rarely last long if they work at all.
Whilst your under the bonnet check all rubber hoses for air leaks, any cracked hoses should be replaced, these engines are very particular with the induction side of the engine being airtight. Leaks will cause all sorts of running problems and codes being set.
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Re: Loss of power

Post by gookah » Thu 12 Oct, 2017 20:21

I have been suffering from a similar problem on my 2.8. Down on power and then recently started misfiring. No codes at all being set.

I disconnected the plug to the MAF and it restored everything. One second-hand MAF later and all is good again
this test costs nothing and takes 30 seconds. Try it first.

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