Newby Hall 5th May 2019

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Newby Hall 5th May 2019

Post by petecossie » Sat 16 Feb, 2019 20:14

This event I last attended about 4 years ago, really enjoyed the day out. Think I'll maybe go again this year.
In recent years from what I've heard the fun starts when the cars leave the event. The drivers give it the beans on the private exit road, they reckon the sight and sound of exotica cars are something to behold.
Extract from e-mail I received as a previous attendee.
I am happy to announce that we will be holding 3 events in 2019. Lotherton Hall has moved to mid-year and we will be returning in Autumn to Newby Hall. The size of our events has created a problem in finding suitable venues. It is a nice problem to have and I am amazed at how my little events have grown over the years. I would like to thank all the display car owners and people who have help along the way.
Kind regards
Chris Crossley
SCITP Organiser

Event Calendar for 2019

Newby Hall
5th May

First event of the year, attracting nearly 1,000 display cars.
Previous year - 953 Display cars

Lotherton Hall
21st July
We have moved our Lotherton Hall event to middle of the year. Due to size of venue we have placed a cap of 800 cars maximum.
Previous year - 492 Display cars

Newby Hall
22nd September
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Re: Newby Hall 5th May 2019

Post by BeemerBoyo » Mon 18 Feb, 2019 08:28

Yes, this is a great day out and worth attending. It's years since we have been due to holidays and ill health and again we cant go this year as it clashes with another holiday again! However the additional day is great news and I think we can get to that one.
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Re: Newby Hall 5th May 2019

Post by Beemer Man » Mon 18 Feb, 2019 11:50

We're in the same situation as BeemerBoyo this year and don't return from our travels until after the Newby event, however we'll try and attend the one in September.

Hope to see you all then.

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Re: Newby Hall 5th May 2019

Post by Domenico T » Mon 15 Apr, 2019 22:52

Just to be different I have booked a ticket :-)

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