Remote Alarm/Central locking failed.

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Remote Alarm/Central locking failed.

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Hi Chaps,

I have a 97 E36 Z3 2.8 roadster. It spends most of the year in the garage on a CTEK trickle charger ( its done 5K in the last 15 years) Had a major service in 2018 at the main dealers, where it received some very complimentary remarks. A moth ago, I reconnected the battery, to take it for its annual MOT which it passed with flying colours. However . . . when I came to lock it at the MOT station, the remote locking/alarm didn't engage. The central locking works fine with the key but nothing happens with the remote. I've changed the remote battery and checked the fuses 7 and 43 which all seem fine. In the past, when I disconnect the battery to put it on trickle while its stored, the alarm normally sounds and fades away slowly. This isn't happening now, there is no sound at all, and I wondered if there was a auxiliary battery on the central locking/vehicle alarm which has become depleted over time? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you.

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