For Sale 1997 Z3, 2.8ltr Atlantic Blue

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For Sale 1997 Z3, 2.8ltr Atlantic Blue

Post by eyerisk » Thu 02 Jan, 2014 11:57


Just checking whether there is any interest in the above before I plunge into the world of auto trader to sell my Z.

Quite a bit of money spent restoring some genuine BMW parts having removed the cheap aftermarket parts. Including black roll hoops, rear split centre console etc. however the stand out mod has to be the mint 20" spoked wheels and low profile tyres which look fantastic - of course I would say that!!!

Reason for sale - new city centre job and public transport simply means it spends most of its life on the drive and should really go to someone who is going to enjoy it.

Tax / tested until Feb 14 happy to stick 12mths MOT if required as I know it will sale through.

I paid £3K for it 12 mths ago would be happy to take £2.5k and a good home.

If you want pics let me know and I can post.



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Re: For Sale 1997 Z3, 2.8ltr Atlantic Blue

Post by Pierrick » Thu 02 Jan, 2014 21:04

If we want pictures... of course we want pictures!

Thanks! :wink:

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Re: For Sale 1997 Z3, 2.8ltr Atlantic Blue

Post by JJG » Thu 02 Jan, 2014 21:38

Pictures please

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