S50 M Roadster sadly for sale

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  M roadster S50

S50 M Roadster sadly for sale

Post by BANDIT » Mon 28 Nov, 2016 16:36

Hi All,
Been away from the forum for some time due to ill health etc,however to cut a long story short I now need to sell my S50 M roadster it is with heavy heart but it is just not being used any more.
1999 S Estoril blue with grey and black leather,blue hood 49,000 miles genuine,kept in a de -humidified garage I have owned for past ten years, 5 previous owners strangely and unusually first 3 owners were ladies!
Car is in lovely original condition could do with a new hood no tears just scuffed and still completely watertight,Mechanically fine but will need a service.
I have asked Munich Legends to sell on my behalf and is currently sorned and on their website,for a quick sale I will take less than they advertised the car for,obviously as they have overheads etc.
Thanks for reading,car really needs to go to good home please!

http://www.munichlegends.co.uk/item/bmw ... -s50-49300

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