Regretful sale of much loved, low mileage 1998 2.8 manual

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  Z3 roadster 2.8

Regretful sale of much loved, low mileage 1998 2.8 manual

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Interim service completed 29/06/2020 - PRICE £5500

For Sale - one of the best value and low mileage silver 2.8 pre-facelift Z3's you'll probably find.

I've scoured the usual websites and not found a cheaper one with this mileage and history. I have reduced the price on here from the £6.25k advertised on the usual car sale websites as it would be going to a good home, I'm sure. I've not done more than 5.5k miles in the 6 years I have owned I. Pictures and paperwork on link below:

Apart from looking after it as my sunny day bit of fun, I've had the suspension lowered, links and bushes replaced (with Polybushes) by a BMW specialist (Iridium Engineering Services of Southampton). This changed the handling out of all recognition. Gone went the vague steering and wandering, It now feels completely planted on the straight and corners, going exactly where it's pointed with no tramlining or steering wander.

A Powerflow exhaust (nice burble) and an engine tune gives (allegedly) 10bhp extra but more importantly made the engine more torquey. I've replaced the seat bushes so no rocking when accelerating or braking.

All the work carried out was to make it a much more enjoyable driving experience. I've never driven it hard, done track days or thrashed it.

As well as general maintenance, it's just sailed through an MOT with no advisories - expires 31.5.2021.

Interim service completed with oil and filter change Monday 29/06/2020 - Nothing noted from the 20 point visual check list incorporating underside and brakes.

The electric hood's good although I did have to replace the rear screen. No water leaking in at all. Complete with the tonneau and wind deflector.

It's got a full service history and a brake fluid change last year. Tyres are about 3000 miles old and show little wear with a minimum 6mm tread.

Bodywork and wheels are excellent condition. Always garaged

Engine and gearbox sound and beautifully smooth - comes with a 'cherished plate'.

Genuine reason for this very reluctant sale - I bought this car to keep and have made sure it is always kept in as pristine condition mechanically and body wise as possible. Unfortunately, due circumstances, she has to be moved on to someone who will appreciate and enjoy owning this superb example.

price now...
£5500 no offers

It really looks, drives and sounds lovely - just a standard 2.8 widebody sitting a bit lower and sounding a bit more raspy - and an absolute pleasure to drive and always puts a smile on my face.

I'm in Hampshire and not going anywhere for the foreseeable future if anyone wants to view it!

Any questions, just ask.



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