Circoli Thermostat & housing

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Circoli Thermostat & housing

Post by Adam »

Brand new Circoli Thermostat.

To view details/spec you can view it on by entering the part no. 209110170 in the search box or click here:
I believe the BMW part no would be 11537509227 but please check to confirm

I ordered this quite a while back and when coming to do the job I discovered I had ordered the wrong part. It has been sat on a shelf since. This is an electronic thermostat (connector on top) but my car is the older type without electronic connector (Joys of having a car right on the crossover date). My car is a pre facelift 2.8, this appears to be for cars 09/98 onwards. Its brand new, never fitted, boxed.

As you can see its £70.99 on Eurocarparts but to get it off my hands I will take £40 delivered (tracked - hermes). Paypal preferred.

Happy Zedding

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