FOR SALE: 1997 Pre-facelift BMW Z3 Roadster - 2.8L Automatic in Arctic Silver

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FOR SALE: 1997 Pre-facelift BMW Z3 Roadster - 2.8L Automatic in Arctic Silver

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For sale is my 1997 Pre-facelift BMW Z3 Roadster - 2.8L Automatic in Arctic Silver.
Mileage is 66990
Price £7500 OVNO.
Location is Atwick, Near Hornsea in East Riding of Yorkshire.

Photo's are available here:

and here for download:!AvaaPap3FgmdiG5EBkT ... d?e=ZTnS98

I have owned this car for a little over 10 years and it has always been garaged since my ownership up until a house move in April 2022.
I have never driven it in any wet conditions unless caught out by a shower nor have I driven it in the winter months.
It is currently housed under a unique custom made car cover (see photos), this will be included in the sale.
This is a reluctant sale and in all honesty I'll be sad to see it go, but alas, that time has now come.
The primary reason for sale is due to my slowly deteriorating physical mobility issues combine that with a lack of use and no garage to house it any more since moving into a bungalow.
I am advertising it here first in the hope that an enthusiast will be the next owner, someone who'll appreciate just what they are buying and continue to look after this fine machine.
I had it MOT'd at the end of April 2022. The tester couldn't believe its condition for its age..... His very words were "Wow, i cant find a thing wrong with her, that's one nice car" and its not the first time I've heard comments like this during my ownership.
My family have been subtly nagging me to sell it since last years MOT and I've been dragging my heels.....but, they're right, its time for someone else to enjoy it as I always have.

If I was to pick any faults at all then I would point out the recent scratches on the drivers side sill (see photos) which were accidentally caused by my caliper/Splint (which i wear on my leg) as I exited the car.
I've also had the Bonnet sprayed in July 2021, I'm sure most Z3 owners here could vent their frustrations about stone chips. A couple are present but you really have to look for them.
Put simply, this car has wanted for nothing.
I have spent a lot of money on it over the years (a lot more than the asking price), not for a profit someday but because I have loved it.
Myself and a family member (who is a professional mechanic) plus his circles, have performed most of the regular service and maintenance work in the past, confident in knowing that it was always done properly.

As you can see from the photo's I have added what i would describe as some subtle and tasteful modifications over the years.
I know that they will be subjective, therefore some of these modifications will be reversible if desired, as I will be supplying the original parts (where available and noted below) in the sale as well..... do with those what you will.

Here is a summary of what I can recall from memory:

M-steering wheel
(original will be supplied )

Sport seats

BMW Style 42 Alloy wheels
(original Alloys without tyres will be supplied)

OEM front mud guards fitted
non-oem fitted to the rear
(I will supply 2 x used OEM rear mud guards. I never got around to fitting them)

all lights have been de-tango'd (headlights, side lights, rear lights)
Halo headlights have been fitted
(All originals will be supplied)

Indicator stalk with OBC control and OBC clock fitted
(Originals will be supplied, if I can find them)

OEM roll bars and associated rear storage box fitted
(Original rear storage box and associated side trim will be supplied)
A leather Tonneau cover and mesh wind deflector are included/fitted, also included will be a custom made perspex wind deflector.

Plastic Mesh lower front grill
(Original will be supplied)

Various chrome trim:
Side gills, Windscreen Nozzle Jets (OEM for Z8), Front Kidney Grills, Door Handles etc.
(All originals will be supplied)

Central leather arm rest together with custom made leather arm rests on door cards ( Thanks 'Southernboy' )
Southernboy's BMW Z3 Seat Belt Guides

centre console, gear knob etc. wrapped with 3m carbon fibre wrap
carbon fibre style BMW Badges and wheel caps.

footwell cargo nets in both footwells.

Hamann Aluminium Pedals and foot rest.
footwell lights added

Pioneer head unit, FLI comp front and rear speakers fitted plus tweeters and an 8" sub woofer (see photos of passenger footwell)
the system is also wired with a microphone to enable hands-free bluetooth calling.
It is also wired to work with various iPlop's, USB sticks and has a 3.5mm Audio input, all input connections are discreetly located in the passenger footwell just under the right side of the glove box.
(original cassette head unit is supplied, but i don't know the code if it requires one)

Existing rear differential support was reinforced/welded professionally:
This was done merely as a precautionary measure to eliminate the possibility of the dreaded boot welds popping.

I replaced the thermostat and I also replaced the plastic thermostat housing for the superior Aluminium type.
I also replaced the original water pump which had a plastic impeller for one with a metal impeller.

Stainless exhaust system fitted by Tony Banks in Leeds

Both seat bushes done

Professionally 'terracleaned' a few years ago together with a fuel injector recondition and full pressure test.
(new jets and seals etc.)
Professional air intake clean using 'S Tool'

underneath professionally wax oiled
both sills were replaced a few years ago and were professionally wax oiled

Powerflex suspension bushes fitted.

I will also include the following diagnostic hardware:

21 Pin ODS & ADS Diagnostic & Reset tool, to be used with INPA and DIS software
( This was custom made by a chap in America and I can confirm it works )

B800 SRS & Reset Tool

Draper Inspection / Service Light reset tool

SAA998T Handheld Security Programmer
(for customizing Alarm/Locks/Window settings etc.)

I could go on but I'll stop here.

If you have any questions then please message me.

PS: This is advertised on another Z3 forum
1997 2.8L Z3 Roadster


Designed or not designed, that is the question.
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