M3 STOLEN from BHX NCP Airport Carpark

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M3 STOLEN from BHX NCP Airport Carpark

Post by welshlass123 » Sat 18 Jun, 2011 09:25

Birmingham NCP Long Stay Carpark 1:

Hello, Just wanted to warn your members that I had my M3 stolen from this onsite airport car park on 04/06/2011 within 48 hours of parking.

Purchased new, 2008, coupe, Charcoal grey, mint condition less than 10k on clock.

Only CCTV from NCP shows the registration on my M3 tailgated a grey audi with stolen plates from a VW out of the barrier exit.

No CCTV of audi crusing carpark or wrenching my bonnet or swopping components over. Thieves likely to have taken A road leading to Coventry.

NCP points out not liable in their T&C and they do not actually advertise their carpark as 'secure', although they have Park Mark Safety Achievement, high fenced enclosure, CCTV and regularly patrolled - yes, by thieves.

AVOID THIS CAR PARK. Massive police station situated opposite this car park: Several high end cars being stolen from here, often by tailgating. Disgusting level of security on one of the largest airports in the UK.

Police inform me unlikely to ever see my car again and it's probably left UK in a container. Lots of breaker yards in BHX and maybe broken up and sold gumtree/ebay and scattered around UK. Sad end to such a beautiful car.

Thanks for reading and plz give the heads up and post on other sites warning others. :bawl:

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Stolen M3--NCP claim NO liability----------

Post by ZZZEMMCO » Mon 17 Oct, 2011 18:24

Just noticed this post--With closed circuit tv--ticket exit activated barriers--HOW???? can this be Allowed to happen?.

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Post by LookinFoolish » Mon 17 Oct, 2011 23:13

Horrible news. It's crazy that the security is so low as you mention in your post.
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Post by c_w » Tue 18 Oct, 2011 10:49

You left the keys with someone as a drop off? I was understanding that they cannot be stolen without keys? I would have though it would be impossible to change the secutiry system of the car in a car park.

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Post by Mike Fishwick » Tue 18 Oct, 2011 10:56

NCP have a long history of denying responsibility for thefts frm their over-priced car parks, but they grease palms at the various local councils, so somehow stay in business. About the only makor council who does not let them run their car parks is Plymouth - who are so poor they need all the money they can squeeze out of the motorist, to pay for jollies (sorry, 'Fact Finding' visits!)

I remember back in the 'seventies, when at Abingdon Street car park in Westminster (now the House of Commons car park) a gent in a Lotus Elan coupe had the barrier come down on his roof, and neatly chop the car in half, or at least convert it into a roadster!

The barrier controls did not sense enough steel, so assumed there was no car, and NCP never paid out a penny.

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Post by pingu » Tue 18 Oct, 2011 18:59

I'm always suspiscious of 1st posts. Read it, note it, move on.

Is there an ulterior motive?

Avoid NCP car parks, perhaps. Does welshlass work for a private car park?

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