Drivers Seat operation (or lack off!)

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Drivers Seat operation (or lack off!)

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Time to ask for advice please?
The Drivers Seat works fine moving Forward, and also Up and Down, but has just stopped moving Backwards (so making is hard to drive at the moment as my wife left the seat in the position of me having my sternum way too near the wheel !!!) The Switch been working ok up to now, but am wondering if it might be something just gone wrong with the 'Button' used to allow the backwards operation?.
So the query simply is - Is this a common fault with a straightforward 'cure' please, which would hopefully save me trying to 'explore' the wiring? (I am presuming that it wouldnt be simply a fuse issue as so much of the seat mechanism is still working fine)

Ideas/suggestions welcomed!

Cheers all, and happy Summer motoring,
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