Worm Gear jammed or shot- how do I get the seat out?

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Worm Gear jammed or shot- how do I get the seat out?

Post by jdwerner67 » Wed 03 Apr, 2019 17:56

Hey all my drivers side seat was working, then felt some play moving up and back, then not able to move it forward or back. So I thought the motor went, I was able to put the seat all the way up and remove the motor but left it pugged in and to my surprise it still worked. I then tried using a drill and the outside rail and it is jammed. I then made sure that both rails were even thinking maybe is was off, which it was so I evened them out and the damn thing still wont budge. Now there is no longer any play in the seat moving up and back. Sad thing is BMW put the bolts to remove the worm gear on the bottom, so I am basically stuck with no way to remove the rear seat bolts.... has anyone else gone through this?? Any ideas on how to get it to move or get the seat out??

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