Screen wiper operation problem

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Screen wiper operation problem

Post by Patty »

Can anyone give me any guidance re a problem I have with the operation of my wipers. Selecting intermittent gives a wipe once every 10 sec, next up should be normal wiper operation but I'm getting one wipe every 3 sec, next up fast wipe is ok.
Is this a software problem, I know after my last MOT the driver side window would re open when being asked to close and there was a sequence of button pushes to reset the thing.
The model is a 2002 Z3 1.9i.

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Re: Screen wiper operation problem

Post by pingu »

They only operate as expected when you are moving.

Have you tested the wipers whilst driving?

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Re: Screen wiper operation problem

Post by 137699 »

I think you posted this in the wrong forum? You might get better response if you put it in one of the Z3 technical forums?

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