Gazza - sad news

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Gazza - sad news

Post by Phil »

It's many months since I visited this site and it's with a heavy heart that I have to let you know that Gary Meekings aka Gazza sadly passed away last night after succumbing to the Covid 19 virus. I'd known him for many years and not only was he a car nut par excellence he was also a super guy to spend time with. RIP Gary
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Desiro »

Sad indeed! I did not know him personally, but feel I knew him through the forum :(
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Deano1712 »

Shocking news and so sad. I met him several times over the last 10+ years. A great guy, and huge contributor to the zed community. RIP Gary.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Robert T »

Gary will be sorely missed. Gone too soon my friend.

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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by petecossie »

Really sad news to hear of Gary's passing after succumbing to Covid-19.
RIP Gary

Stay safe everyone.
Pete C

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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by mfckeith »

Very sad news R I P Gaza
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by whiteminks »

So sad. Such a generous and happy person who could reduce one to fits of laughter with his corny sense of humour. We will all miss him so much.

Rest in Peace Gary xxx
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Green Genie »

So sorry to here this sad news, l met Gazza on a cruise he organised some years ago, what a nice guy.

This forum will miss his witty input. R.I.P
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by colb »

Very sorry to hear of Gary passing, my sincere condolences to all of his family, we will miss him on this forum.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Warrior »

Terribly sad news.

I only knew Gary as a moderator of, and contributor to, this forum but his willingness to help myself and countless others with advice wherever possible was always very much appreciated.

Condolences to family and friends.

RIP Gary
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by spurs fan in a coupe »

That’s really sad news. Best wishes to his friends and family.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Althulas »

A sad loss to his family and the community.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Brian H »

Very sorry to read this news, condolences to his family.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Jonttt »

Wow, I have not been on here for such a long time and just thought I would see if I could remember my login by pure chance and this is the first thread I see.......such sad news.........a long term owner from before my days on the site........reminds us that time stands still for no one RIP
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Ian_C »

This is so sad, Gary will be sorely missed.
RIP :(
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by bertiejaffa »

Very sad news indeed - please pass on my respects to his family
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Jet »

Just heard the news, speechless :shock: Spoke to him a few weeks ago.
Sincere condolences to his friends and family.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by Domenico T »

O no so sad to here my deepest condolences to his family :-(.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by pingu »

Absolutely gutted.

I just came over to see what was going on. I really didn't expect to scroll down and see this.

My belated condolences to GaryTheFish's family and all those who knew him.
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by rayboy »

Sad news indeed
I never got to meet him in person but I felt a genuine love for the car and a real desire to help whenever I needed sound advice.
A huge gap has opened up in our little corner of Zed World.

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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by cosmosblack »

only just reading this, i brought my z3 from him in 2006, which i still have, lovely man
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Re: Gazza - sad news

Post by ///M_aniac »

Still in shock over Gary's death. Top bloke and a good friend to me. This site and the Zed community owe him so much.
I will remember him every time I turn the key in Hamish.
Rest in peace, Gazza.
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