EMU emission sensors

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EMU emission sensors

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Hi all

Z4M coupe Sept ‘06 done 44,000 miles.

After being SORN through lockdown etc returned to the road and immediately got the orange EMU light.

Local workshop advising all FOUR, yes FOUR, emission sensors need changing out at £240 plus VAT each plus labour.

Any idea if all four sensors are the same - been told 2 pre cat and two post cat. But even so surely the chances of all four being shot at the same time are close to zero……..

Any help or advice seriously appreciated.

Meanwhile in other news my Z3 will clock 130,000 next month!!!!!! Still love her too.

Thank you anyone replying.

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Re: EMU emission sensors

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Extreamly unlikely for all four to fail, I would want to put diagnostics on it to see what codes it has set then take a look at live data from the individual sensors to see what they are doing. Pre Cat should be showing up in graph form as a regular wave form as their voltage ranges up and down, if they show up as static then that would be an indication of a fault with them as would be no signal showing up. Post cat sensors usually appear pretty static until they detect fuel content in the exhaust gas then react accordingly.
Its worth checking for air leaks in the vaccum system across the engine from Post Maf to exhaust these engines require a good sealed vaccum system to run correctley, check all rubber and plastic vaccum hoses for splits or holes. Air leaks that enter after the Maf are not measured by the Maf and will be picked up in the exhaust sensors fooling the car into seeing a weak mixture which in turn commands the EMU to increase fuel at the injectors to richen the mixture up. This cycle will go on until its adding up to 20% more fuel then gives up and lights the EML on the dash to draw attention to it. Live data will show fuel trims at an elevated level which is another pointer to air leaks being present. A smoke test is probably the easiest way to find air leaks if visual checks fail to find any.
Since the cars been laid up for an extended period I wouldn't be surprised if somethings failed and causing an air leak.
Where are you based, if near me I would take a look for you.
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