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New member

Posted: Mon 27 Apr, 2020 20:58
by herx
Hi all and Robert :-)

This is my 3rd BMW-related forum I am joining following my current 1 series and on the lookout for a Z3

The website to blame is unixnerd (just google it in case you haven't visited) which made me want a Z3 and since then I am scouring websites and forums to learn more about them

As suggested, I am happy to wait till the cold winter months when prices drop so at the moment I am just browsing ebay & gumtree listings

Thanks for having me and hope to see fellow enthusiasts around

Re: New member

Posted: Fri 01 May, 2020 08:29
by 137699
Recently bought a Z3 M Coupe - fantastic piece of kit and values only going one way.

I doubt you'll find a cheaper time to buy than right now - Covid19 lockdown has created economic uncertainty not seen since they great depression of the 1920s and everything has been devalued as a result.