New Member doing an EV Conversion

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  Z3 roadster 2.0

New Member doing an EV Conversion

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Hi Everyone (hopefully thats inclusive enough :roll: )
I came to this site looking for information (which I found Thx) and thought it only fair that I contribute something
I've been modifying cars for nearly 40 yrs including Rover V8 into Ford Capri, Turbo 2l Capri, Fiat X19 turbo conversion, Individual throttle bodies, rearmount turbo and Air ride on my Nissan 350Z any way you get the idea
I already post on another site but here is a little taster of my project which is an EV conversion of a Z3
so this is my car a 99 2.0l manual in topaz blue I started this project in May so it's quite a way along
s-l500.jpg (42.6 KiB) Viewed 3002 times
The conversion use's the Nissan leaf em57 motor and inverter with an open inverter control board and if I can squeeze both in 2 BMW 530e battery packs Battery management is a modified version of SimpBms and the charger is from a Mitsubishi a brake booster from an Audi and powersteering from a Volvo since this started out as a conversion of a Mini Cooper S much of the development work around the electronics has already been done and is mostly unaffected by the change of donor vehicle the side rocker panels (cosmetic outer sill) were a bit worse for wear although the structural sills underneath were excellent with very minor rust I completed all of the bodywork prior to starting the ev conversion
I did try to post on this site but the pictures are all too big so here it is if you want to take a look

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