Hello for a new Z3 Owner

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Hello for a new Z3 Owner

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I just managed to get a 1999 BMW Z3 Roadster transferred over to my name! (My daughter finally caved, LOL)

It an old car, but is pretty decent shape and has been driven quite regularly when previously owned, but now it has been un registered for a couple of years so I must start from scratch. I now have it registered in my name and hope to have it all ready to go through a safety this coming spring.

I have a decent Launch reader that appears to access the modules quite well from the under hood connector and also have inpa up and running. The engine runs ok, all module errors pertain to safety restraint systems, (not a big issue I think)

I've got the car in the shop till spring, so a good winter project here in New Brunswick Canada.

This site has been a gold mine and an awesome resource to getting my mind around some things.
Hope to be able to contribute.

Roger :)
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