iphone battery problem?

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iphone battery problem?

Post by Warrior » Sun 14 Oct, 2018 01:04

Nothing to do with Zeds but i've recently had to make use of the Apple helpline and think it worth spreading the word?

First off, called Apple and received a promise to be called back within 2 minutes, and they did. :shock:

My iphone 5 battery was dropping charge in a few hours and i'd been looking to change it.

Cut a long story short, after testing where they access your phone over the web, and in my case they could tell me the battery was ok, and another 10 minutes adjusting settings, we are back to sensible recharge times.

The bonus for me is that an old iphone 4 that's been languishing in a cupboard is now being sorted to replace the missus' dated small screen Samsung, saving an estimated £200. About 3 tank fulls of Shell V-Power ;)

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Re: iphone battery problem?

Post by Gazza » Sun 14 Oct, 2018 13:06

I had the same with an iPhone 5 battery, as have lots of people.
One minute the battery level was say 75% and the next it would turn off, I’d switch it back on and was on the red battery level.
I searched the net and did adjustments to this and that, it helped a bit, I just use it for music in the car now.

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Re: iphone battery problem?

Post by Warrior » Mon 15 Oct, 2018 02:02

I was all set to pay £30 for a new battery but Apple ran an over the net battery health check and said it was showing 90%+

They explained that the screen display may show 100% but the actual capability of the battery would always be less with from day one. That a health check lower than 80% would be recommended for replacement. Mine would die pretty soon after displaying 20%.

I've since learnt that the biggest drain is through having Notifications turned on, i.e., the Calendar will repeatedly search to check for updates and reminders. Facebook the same, even if your not getting pop ups for every thread you have posted on the notifications you get when logging in to FB will have been updating in real time. Switching notifications off on your phone will simply mean it will take a few seconds longer for posts to appear when logging in.
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Re: iphone battery problem?

Post by petecossie » Tue 16 Oct, 2018 19:49

I inherited a 5SE from my son-in-law when he got a new iPhone 7 on contract. After using it for about 7months its only in the last month or so that I found things out about the battery. I was thinking of getting a new battery as the I was having to recharge it part way through the day or plug in a external battery pack to recharge it. Mentioned it to my son-in-law and he said try what he does with his 7, go in to battery menu, then switch on low power mode, also reduce brightness setting. Bingo I can now go a full day most of the time without it getting below 50%.
Now since reading this thread I found another feature, Battery Health. This gives the figure relative to when it was new, in my case 87% so I've got a bit to go before needing replacement especially if I continue to use low power mode. Mind you have to switch to this LP mode manually each time you recharge.

There is so much more to be learnt with these iPhones, even the old one I've got, I'm sure that I am just scratching the surface!!
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