Z3M Roadster in Donegal, Ireland

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Z3M Roadster in Donegal, Ireland

Post by Sailorbaz » Sun 02 Nov, 2014 18:20

Decided to head away a wee night last weekend and at the last minute, decided to this the Roadster, even though it was pouring down, I fancied stretching it's legs.

Car was faultless and preformed great when pushed on. Must get a wind deflector though, it was a good laugh for a while but she started to get annoyed with the hair blowing about the place. Bobble required, lol

Middle of nowhere... Last few miles before arriving at Downings, County Donegal.



Note the jacket on even though heated seat and stove was on full tilt




Downings, Co Donegal.

Wee bar in a place called 'Glen', had to stop and try their Gunness, needless to say, my wife drove the rest of the way.


Wee place called the 'Singing Bar' near Downing. Good spot.


Apart from the weather, great weekend. Clutch is SHOCKING heavy though, must get a braided pipe fitted soon.

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Re: Z3M Roadster in Donegal, Ireland

Post by t-tony » Wed 05 Nov, 2014 21:54

Great to see you out in the car Barry. Must say your missus was smiling before she drove you apre guiness. Great to see that car saved from the ashes mate. :)

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Re: Z3M Roadster in Donegal, Ireland

Post by Robz3sport » Fri 28 Aug, 2015 16:29

The singing pub.......great spot, good food, good company, good music and great Guinness.....! Car looks great by the way :D

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