Samsung Laptop, no screen display!

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Samsung Laptop, no screen display!

Post by lurch 1 » Sun 28 Mar, 2010 18:04

I purchased a new Samsung laptop at Xmas for my Daughter, cost just on £450, she does not use it much on-line but plays a game (Sims). This morning there is no display on screen, if it is shut down and switched on again there will be option on screen like start normal or windows will search for problem, but nothing happens blank screen! I have two recovery discs one for like major re-start where it says it might delete items etc the other is to take it back to re-start point. when I insert the re-start disc I get Samsung Solutions 111 on screen but again nothing happens, on the disc instructions it say like click start etc but there is no icons on screen to click? Any advice would be most helpfull as she is now suffering due to no Sims! Many thanks, :head:

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Post by tomf84 » Sun 28 Mar, 2010 18:19

Sounds like you need these guys

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Post by Althulas » Sun 28 Mar, 2010 18:33

Sounds like the OS has become corrupted ? related to hard drive problem. I would try the complete reset to factory settings disc and then return to vendor if that does not work. Only trouble trying to diagnose at a distance.
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Post by Courageous » Sun 28 Mar, 2010 23:57

Hi Lurch - 2 questions:

1) When you start the laptop do you hear any bios beeps? If so count them and let us know how many.

2) Presumably one of the options you receive is to start windows in safe mode. Select safe mode and describe exactly what happens after that.

Feedback please in order to help.
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