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White Smoke

Post by compact » Fri 06 Sep, 2019 21:47

I am getting white smoke when I start my Z1 it goes once I start using it, Anyone else get this? Its not the head gasket as no coolant missing and oil is perfect. it also runs and drives perfectly.

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Re: White Smoke

Post by pingu » Fri 06 Sep, 2019 21:55

I would do a coolant pressure test.

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Re: White Smoke

Post by Gazza » Sat 07 Sep, 2019 17:13

White smoke us usually water.

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Re: White Smoke

Post by felix » Sun 08 Sep, 2019 13:27

It's not unusual particularly as the weather cools. Water vapour is a normal part of a petrol engine's exhaust; when the exhaust system and engine are cool the vapour is able to condense in the exhaust system and is visible from the tail pipe for a short time after start up. Assuming your coolant level stays constant you have nothing to worry about.

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