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Unicorn felt

Post by urzzz » Fri 17 Aug, 2018 23:13

Yes indeed, today I took delivery of some new yellow seat cloth (with purple fleck). It is back in stock at BMW: Part No. B51.
Get yours now! (Although note that it is not cheap, and neither is fitting thanks to BMW’s decision to glue it to the base)
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Re: Unicorn felt

Post by Green Genie » Mon 20 Aug, 2018 09:56

Well done Toby

I'm surprised BMW have remanufactured another batch so soon. As you know from when you saw my car it totally lifts the interior, but beware there is a reluctance to sit onto the seat once done! I lay a towel over mine.

With regards to the material being glued straight onto the foam base, (not BMW's best idea) you will find the seat trimmers don't like doing these, but it can be done with care. I notice you are also doing seat belts.

Post some pics if you can of before/after.

Good luck with the project.

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Re: Unicorn felt

Post by Jet » Mon 20 Aug, 2018 22:25

Unicorn Felt? :D :D Post some pictures please.

I nearly bought a set of belts, but the price gave me stomach-ache.

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