Z1 Power Steering Pump vs common M20 pumps

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Z1 Power Steering Pump vs common M20 pumps

Post by xyobgyn » Sat 06 Oct, 2018 05:53

Can anyone explain the differences between the Z1 PS pump and the standard E30 ones on 325 models? It seems when looking this part up, it is unique to the Z1, but shares rebuild kit with other pumps.

Curious how it is different. Possibly just orientation of how its assembled, or, possibly a unique case, but parts to repair could be swapped from other M20 pumps?

Question came up in a different forum, and I was surprised to see in fact the pump was unique to Z1. Apparently no longer made by ZF either. I was unsure what constraints the Z1 has that required a difference. (Course, tbh haven't played with standard M20 325's either to have experience. Know the E36 chassis better)

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