Latest Z1 Parts Info.

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Pat Slade
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Latest Z1 Parts Info.

Post by Pat Slade » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 12:32

Hi all.

Thought some might appreciate recent updates on parts availability both from BMW and private Z1 parts manufacturers.

Remanufactured and Now Available.

41352290938 Rear wing - Right
41352291001 Side Panel - Left
41352291002 Side Panel - Right
41512290875 Door Panel - Left
41519070236 Door Panel (blank) - Right. need inner stiffener below and special adhesive
41512290418 Door Panel Inner Stiffener - Right
33531136545 Rear Spring (later steel axle)

Not Available

51712290621 Screen A Pillar Outer Cover - Left
51712290622 ditto - Right
51212291605 Door Lock with Key - Left
61312297016 Indicator Switch and Dip Control
51332292232 Door Roller Guide - Rear Right
34211160402 Brake Disc Rear (later steel axle)

Privateer members within BMW Z1 Club e.V. currently are producing -

Seat runners (floor and seat parts with adjusting bar)
Instrument faces. Complete set as original, and speedo with Z1 in place of km above total mileage slot.
Carpet/Trim pieces behind seats. Secure storage door, Battery cover, and wide removable panel to access luggage compartment. The latter part is often butchered to fit loudspeakers.
Plastic door and window slides. 3D Printed Replacements for BMW Part Nos. 5133 2 290 487 and 5133 2 290 479

I can provide contact details for the above if interested.

Meanwhile I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see many of you at events during 2019.

Oh yes, one final question. Has anyone seen or have news on the video recording of the Jurassic Coast Tour?

Best regards

Pat Slade

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Re: Latest Z1 Parts Info.

Post by Gazza » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 20:01

Good to know and thanks for the update.

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Re: Latest Z1 Parts Info.

Post by Green Genie » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 21:51

Happy New Year to you all.

Thanks for the parts update Pat, fortunately I don't need any myself at the moment but I'm sure the part No's etc will be of great help to those that do.

As stocks for parts diminish I'm sure we could all benefit from new technology such as 3D printing (front side light/indicators anyone?) assuming copyright with BMW and OEM manufacturers isn't infringed? and therefore causing problems! Or we are all stuck with used parts on eBay etc.

The Z1 forum has been very quiet recently (me included) where is everyone?

Good call on the Jurassic video Pat I'd love to see it. Jet any news on this, I had a quick look on the BMWCC website but couldn't find it either?

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Re: Latest Z1 Parts Info.

Post by df24 » Wed 09 Jan, 2019 10:14

For new/reproduced parts you can also check out this website:

The part 5133 2 290 479 is available in 2 verions.
One is like the original part out of injection molding plastic.
The other one is an optimized version fully milled out of lubricious plastic. We tested the part with about 12 - 15.000 door cycles.

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Re: Latest Z1 Parts Info.

Post by derekmm » Tue 16 Apr, 2019 19:06

Dear Pat

Just joined the forum and posted a message in regard to the milometer ceasing to work on my 89 Z1. Contacted BMW who don’t seem to have any replacement speedometers anymore and didn’t offer any advice on how or who might fix the original part - it’s currently out of the car.

You seem to be the font of all knowledge regarding Z1 parts and would appreciate any advice/recommendations you might pass my way.

Best regards


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