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Pat Slade
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Michael Kabbert

Post by Pat Slade » Mon 13 Apr, 2020 11:29

Dear All,

Sad news I'm afraid, just heard that Michael Kabbert has passed away.
He was about 71 and he had cancer. Even if you have not bought parts from him some of you will have met him when he came over with
Franz Schaffer to join us on one of Jet's tours a few years back.

So soon after Poti's death. Sad to loose two of the significant Z1 experts and parts makers in such a short time.

Trust you are all well and safe. Wonder if my Z1 will get much of an airing this year. Mine still has it's pyjamas on!


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Re: Michael Kabbert

Post by Gazza » Mon 13 Apr, 2020 14:10

I never met him but sad news.

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Re: Michael Kabbert

Post by acaciolo » Mon 13 Apr, 2020 15:25

That is really sad. First my friend Potti and now this. Hopefully the 2 of them are having a beer somewhere and talking about Z1s.

I guess this explains whey Michael didn't respond to my request about leather.

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Re: Michael Kabbert

Post by bluejay » Tue 14 Apr, 2020 07:06

I spoke to some one in his company a few weeks ago, I understood that he was in hospital with COVID-19 then.

Sad news indeed...


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