Green Z1 For Sale

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Pat Slade
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Green Z1 For Sale

Post by Pat Slade »

Hello All,

After the lengthy chat about the Red Z1s for sale here is another controversial car of a different colour!

The car is in Canada and I expect it came via France in view of the headlights. ... pp_android

Look forward to comments.


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Re: Green Z1 For Sale

Post by Jet »

I am probably alone in this, but that hood really stands out against the green body. The left headlight glass broken?

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Re: Green Z1 For Sale

Post by bluejay »

Wonder what that button(s) are for in the passenger side footwell? AC?

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Green Genie
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Re: Green Z1 For Sale

Post by Green Genie »

How about this green one, just sold for £49,995.00! :D ... dster-1990

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Re: Green Z1 For Sale

Post by urzzz »

Looks a good buy to me; hopefully we'll be welcoming the new owner to the forum soon. If we do, I'll be recommending that when they change the tyres they put the correct profile on the rear (or have I been in lockdown too long?)
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