Rear Spring and Bump Stop Removal (Early cars)

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Pat Slade
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Rear Spring and Bump Stop Removal (Early cars)

Post by Pat Slade »

Hi All,
Recently had wheels off to clean up ABS sensors and get rid of occasional warning light. Nice easy job but in the process I noticed my rear bump stop rubbers look pretty grotty. Speaking to Green Genie he mentioned that his MOT man had commented on the poor condition of his.
We have both got the early rear suspension (pre 9/1990). Got a couple of replacement pairs for us from BMW Classic and looked at the repair manual.

Brief instructions for removing rear springs and bump stops suggests removing silencer, undoing brake calliper, and undoing main diff location bolt. I haven't had a good look yet but do not think silencer is in the way. Can understand detaching the callipers as it seems likely that brake hoses would be under strain when suspension drops following detaching lower shock absorber mounting. But removing the diff attachment to the rear sub frame seems strange. Would the diff need to drop to reduce articulation and assist spring removal? I would have thought in view of the torque tube the diff would be unlikely to move significantly.

So the questions for our tech experts, who may have removed rear springs, are (1) does the silencer really need to come off? and (2) is it likely that one has to unbolt the diff in order to get the rear springs out?
Comments appreciated while I think about waiting for warmer weather when I can work outside!

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Re: Rear Spring and Bump Stop Removal (Early cars)

Post by Jet »

My car is 89, and it was surprisingly simple procedure when BBZ helped me fit the eibachs. From memory it was wheel off, compress the spring and remove....might struggle getting spring clamps in the gap, so used a crowbar to compress the spring.
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Re: Rear Spring and Bump Stop Removal (Early cars)

Post by felix »

what the jetster said - no major disassembly required. I have two sets of spring compressors (the type with hooks on threaded rods) - one was cut down - quite possibly for the Z1.
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