How long have you owned your Z1?

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How long have you owned your Z1?

Post by bluejay »

Just curious,...

I bought mine in 1993, with 1200mls on it... now in 2021, 68,000mls


PS I paid 26,000GBP for it in 1993.... current value abt 45,000Eur, which is 38,500GBP...
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Re: How long did you own your Z1

Post by Lord Taki »

8th October 2005
I bought her 22000€ in excellent condition.

Now she's around 68000km (yes she's a girl).
Some pics here:

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Re: How long did you own your Z1

Post by Stoertie »


the funyellow car I bought in May 1998 with 42.000km and I drove it 100000 km until now.

The purblue Z1 we bought in August 1999 with 35.000 km and now it has 59000 km. (Btw. this car is for sale. ;))

Men of steel driving cars of plastic! :-D

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Re: How long have you owned your Z1?

Post by ICE C »


I bought mine in 2000, 87,000kms on the clock for £13k. Currently it has 132,000Kms not sure what it’s worth but thinking of putting it up for sale next year.


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