new Battery?

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new Battery?

Post by bluejay »

Any advise on what battery to get?

It feels like my current battery is slowly kicking the bucket and needs replacing sooner rather than later.

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Re: new Battery?

Post by Warrior »

Sorry don't know what sort you need but Eurocarparts have offers on when you get through to the Checkout.

A Bosch S4 for my Z3 listed at £164.99 cost me just over £100 the other week. Now down to £97.34 with code POUCHBT41 Or Mid60
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Re: new Battery?

Post by Stoertie »

Hi Robert,

I'm using the Varta 561 400 060 in my Z1.

Lifetime of the last was nearly 8 years ( aleays connected to a charger, when the car was inside the garage).

I bought the last one for round about 70,- € ( ... 61-400-060 )

Men of steel driving cars of plastic! :-D

Sorry, for my poor english... schooltime is already a few years ago, but I try to do my very best! :-D

If you like, please visit Z1-Nordlichter / Leather Care /

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